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Dressage, Cross-Country, & Show Jumping Skill Development

White Horse Eventing’s skilled rider & trainer, Chloe Smyth, will show your horse at the highest levels of competition. She shows horses at three-day or horse trial eventing competitions, building your horses confidence and value for selling or breeding.  Chloe is skilled to show in all three areas of eventing include dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

Whether it is a hobby or a means to build tangible value, showing is an important part of training for any horse. It takes many competitions to make a great horse.  White Horse Eventing works to bring out the best abilities of your horse and give them the right tools and knowledge to confidently complete in all three phases of competition.  Read more on horse training opportunities here.

List of Annual Events Include:

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Dressage, Cross-Country, & Show Jumpinkg Skill Development


Most of the value gained from horse showing is earned indirectly through breeding fees or the sale of the offspring of elite horses. Horse showing is a means to build that credibility so that breeders can sell the offspring at a higher price.

Additionally, it is a great way to increase the value of a horse when looking to sell.  The level of training and athleticism of an already trained horse will increase the sellability at a desirable price.


Horse showing, in conjunction with a solid training program, is important for the development of your horses skill level. In order to build a valuable horse, many competitions are necessary to build up its confidence, endurance, and skills to experience. It is also a joint partnership that requires a skilled rider to walk the horse to prevent injury and guide it through the competition.


For many, horse showing is a hobby where a horse owner can enjoy the sport. For the majority of horse enthusiasts, the value is intangible and the experience is the ride!  While monetary value can be made, measuring your horse’s talent against another horse and setting goals for future competitions is the real value and enjoyment.

Knowing this, White Horse Eventing offers opportunities for joint ownership, lowering the typical expenses associated with competition while offering the same level of enjoyment.