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Dressage, Cross-Country, & Show Jumping Skill Development

White Horse Eventing brings elite trainer, Chloe Smyth, with state of the art facilities, offering a high-level training experience for your horse.  She focuses on teaching dressage, cross-country, and show jumping eventing in order to develop a true competing horse. With special access to facilities such as Copper Meadows, Galway Downs, The Horse Park at Woodside, and Twin Rivers Ranch, Chloe can build a horse’s confidence on the actual jumps and tracks it will be competing on. White Horse Eventing focuses on refining skills for safe, accurate, jumping efforts with a solid foundation in rhythmic, correct dressage for peak performance.

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Not ready to ride a horse in a competition? Chloe can show your horse for you to build its confidence and add value. Read more on horse showing here.

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Dressage, Cross-Country, & Show Jumping Skill Development


Dressage is a highly skilled and difficult form of riding where horse and rider perform a series of movements based on memory. Being the highest level of horse training, it is a true art to master this skill. Dressage tests the horse’s natural athletic ability and desire to perform with little guidance from the rider. Requirements range from basic gaits and large circles to lateral movements such as leg yield & shoulder-in.


For a horse to compete on a cross-country course, they will require speed, endurance, and show jumping abilities. The courses can be up to 4 miles in length and included obstacles such as fences, logs, water, trees, ditches, and banks.  The course difficulty typically starts out gradual, becomes more difficult and then tapers, allowing the rider and horse to finish on a lighter note.  Good footing is very important to avoid injury on the horse.


Show jumping is a complex and technical skill for a horse to master. The skill level of jumping is necessary for the competitions of show jumping, hunter, and the cross-country phase of eventing.  Jumping obstacles are much like fences, and can look rustic and natural or be bright and creatively designed. With some competitions, the rider’s equitation during jumping is graded as well. Learn more on training for horse riding here.